Warranty Terms

As standard, we provide a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on the entire product range of AIRFAN®, under the following conditions:


  • The product is an original AIRFAN® product.
  • The product is professionally installed and mounted by an authorized installer.
  • The product is mounted with the supplied mounting bracket.
  • The product is not damaged.
  • The product is used solely for its intended purposes.
  • The product shows no water/moisture/surge damage.
  • The product is transported correctly.

The warranty becomes void in the following cases:

  • Incorrect installation.
  • Alterations made to the item by the user or third parties.
  • Improper use.
  • Inadequate installation.
  • Damage caused by any form of tampering and/or destruction.
  • Failure to have the product mounted and adjusted by an authorized installer.



In no event shall AIRFAN® be liable for any damages that may result from the delivery, operation, or use of the AIRFAN® products on this website and price catalog.