Odor Filter Box (Steel)



The AIRFAN® odor filter boxes are manufactured in accordance with the applicable municipal regulations for catering establishments. When the environment is affected by grease and odor particles, odor filter boxes may be required.

The AIRFAN® odor filter boxes are specially designed for professional use and are available in galvanized steel and aluminum.

Requested ‘specials’ can be produced quickly and flexibly in small to large series.


An odor filter box consists of 3 parts:

  • Bag filter holder: for filtering grease and dust particles from the polluted air
  • Carbon cartridge holder: for filtering odor molecules from the polluted air (deodorizing)
  • Ventilation space: for exhausting the filtered air.


In the right proportions, these 3 components form a perfect solution for extracting polluted air in the catering and industrial sectors.

The odor filter box is manufactured in accordance with CE directives and equipped with inspection hatches for easy cleaning.


  • The box is made of galvanized steel or high-quality aluminum
  • Aluminum ALMg3 conducts heat better and has a higher cooling capacity.
  • The steel boxes come complete with inspection hatches
  • The panels are removable using a key
  • Includes carbon filters
  • Includes bag filter
  • Includes a direct-driven centrifugal (pressure) fan


  • 1500 to 150.000m3


  • Power supply: 1-phase 220/240V – 50Hz
  • Temperature range:
  • Protection class: IP44
  • Dimensions: see user manual